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Central to any ‘change’ programme is communication...

Communication that is tailored to each Department or Business Unit – and where it is on its ‘change journey’. 

Communication about...

  • the existing operating model

  • the future operating model

  • information about the transition

And all this communication needs to be internally consistent and have only one version of the truth.  

For most organisations, there is no shortage of communication materials. However, what they don’t have is a simple way to organise and distribute those materials so they are tailored for the individual user

Beacon, allows you to create 'content profiles' for Departments at different stages of their 'Change journey'.  

With a few clicks (and no programming support from IT) you can:  

Cloud based process change
  • upload digital content to a library

  • click sets of items in the library to create a 'content profile' for each Phase of Change

  • allocate Departments to a Phase of Change, so Users see content that is appropriate to their own Department

  • create/edit, with a few clicks, a Topic Navigation Map, to manage the links that are offered, on each page, to related content

  • classify the content against your own list of Content Types (eg Change communication, Guides, Forms, Process maps, internal/external Links, and so forth)

This means:

  • you can deliver Policy and Process variations, tailored to individual Users – based on their Department and where it is on its ‘change journey’

  • a single click allocates a Department to a different Phase of Change, thus changing the entire bundle of content that is delivered to all members of that Department

  • you can make it easier for Users to navigate between related topics - so even 'non-experts' can find what they are looking for without burdening your call centre

Please contact us for further information...

If you are planning change to HR Processes, we have developed a comprehensive library of process designs reflecting the most common operating models. Click here for details.  

  • editorial management is simpler, too: Content types give structure to your content; and the Topic Navigation Map means you always know which other topics/documents could be effected by the materials you are reviewing/editing.

Stop Press - Cloud based finance process designs
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