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Managing 'Change' is much easier if programme managers ...
  • can deliver an early consensus on the future vision

  • can highlight the Roles and Systems in each Department or Business Unit that will be effected, so the audience for communication can be identified

  • can ensure all workstreams that are driven from Centre, are coordinated and ‘joined up’ in each Department. 

This is where PxR can help.
Process design
PxR enables Leadership to capture future operating models, by Phase, and Department, for each process.  PxR outputs are high level enough to be reviewed and debated, strategically; and yet specific enough to act as terms of reference for detailed process design.
PxR also shows, automatically, the impact of any future operating model on the current Roles and Systems, thus enabling Leadership to assess the project in terms of operations, communications; and cost - and all before the project starts.
PxR allows programme managers to... 

Process design

  • ensure consistency between Leadership's high level vision for the future and the detail of process design


  • present a clear picture, to each Department, of their entire operating model for the next Phase of Change

  • highlight, precisely, which Roles and Systems will be changed, and which groups of employees need communication

  • coordinate, for each Department, multiple workstreams driven from the Centre

Click here for more information on how Beacon makes it easy to create bundles of information that are tailored to the individual.  
PxR links Leadership’s top/down vision for the future; with implementation workstreams; and with individual Departments.  
Coherent, comprehensive, and simple.  


If you are planning change to HR Processes, we have developed a comprehensive library of process designs reflecting the most common operating models. Click here for details.  

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