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Do you really want to spend man years designing new processes for HR?
Why not call us to arrange to view our library and see what's available already - before you spend time and money developing them yourself?
Why reinvent the wheel?
All that time, all that cost....
Of course, your organisation is unique, but it is likely that much of what you're trying to do has been done before. 
The process designs are available for inspection prior to project launch, so: 
  • There is no risk of the process designs not working together.
  • You know the process designs will be fit for purpose.
Our library has been used in many client situations – and with a wide range of applications e.g. SAP and Oracle, as well as Tier 2 applications.  
At KoKo Union we have developed a library of process designs which cover all the normal operating models: this means we probably have a process design to match your vision of the future – for each process.
Taking this approach has saved time (and money) for large clients like EDF Energy; multi-territory clients like Visa Europe; and small clients like Medical Research Council
or call 07802 925500 today
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