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We are not trying to sell months and years of expensive consultancy.
We offer two purpose built tools and a library of process designs.
To help your Change project.  And your ongoing Employee communications
To save you time.  And money.  And reduce risk.
Identify Roles and Systems in change

Describe Operating Models across your business, and compute the impact of change across Phases.

Use PxR to describe the essence of each Department's Operating Model, by taking an inventory of the Roles and Systems deployed to support each Process.
By repeating the exercise for each Change Phase (eg Current and Future) PxR can compare them to identify precisely which Process's
Roles and Systems are affected in each Department.  
So it's easy to develop a summary description of the Operating Model, by Department, for each Phase; and to compute the impact of the Change between any number of Phases.
Beacon deliver information for change

Personalised Employee Guidance and

Change Communication.

From your desktop, to the cloud, to their devices.

With Adaptive Content©

Beacon is a cloud-based handbook that delivers (i) Employee Guidance and
(ii) Change communication for
employee-facing activities
eg Procurement, IT, HR, Finance.
And if there are Policy or Process variations for different Departments or Roles, Beacon's Adaptive Content© capability personalises the content, automatically, for each member of staff.  
Beacon's powerful LinkManager© and Search features offer 'managed navigation' (something SharePoint can't do) so you can automate the provision of links to 'related content' - making it easier for employees to navigate, themselves, to the content they are looking for, and reducing the need to provide a 'help desk'.  
Our library has process designs for HR and Finance; for all the processes; and all the common operating models.  
And they're editable, too.  
So you can complete in a few weeks, what would take, normally, many months.  
Designing the detail of your future processes in HR and Finance just got much quicker; and more reliable.  
Identify Roles and Systems in change
We all know that, in business, ‘Change’ is constant: whether it’s in Organisation, People or Technology...
When managing ‘Change’, Leadership needs the big picture; they need tools that give them essential information about each Department or Business Unit: what their position is, now; what their position will be; and all that must change to get there.   
And each member of staff needs to know what's going on, too.  They need communication that's current - and tailored to their Role.
That’s why at KoKo Union we have developed two purpose built tools to help organisations successfully negotiate and manage change projects. 
PxR is our simple-to-use spreadsheet tool, designed to enable Leadership to specify, with a few clicks, any new operating model in terms of its Roles and Systems.  
This strategic vision gives a macro definition for each new process: high level enough for strategic debate; specific enough to drive detailed process design.  
Also, by comparing the existing and new operating models for individual processes, PxR identifies, in detail (and in advance) the Roles and Systems that will be affected, enabling detailed planning (and business plan costing) - and precise targeting of communication.
Process Change, PxR
See below how Beacon, our web-personalisation tool for employee communication, enables you to use PxR's outputs to target and deliver tailored bundles of information to maximise employee engagement.  
With a few clicks, create 'content profiles' for each 'change stage'.
Then associate each Department with a 'change stage'.  
Beacon is ideal for distributing up to date policy and process guidance, as well as ‘Change’ 
communication, for any
employee-facing activity, eg Finance, IT, HR, Procurement etc.
Deliver process chang communication
Beacon is a web-personalisation tool to manage all employee communication.  

If you are planning change to HR Processes, we have developed a comprehensive library of process designs reflecting the most common operating models. Click here for details.  


Process design library
for HR & Finance

Templates that work.

Edit to refine.

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